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One hundred years ago a young Russian scientist, Dimitri Ivanovsky (1864 to 1920), presented a paper before the Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg in which he stated that "the sap of leaves infected with tobacco mosaic disease retains its infectious properties even after filtration through Chamberland filter candles"
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Humans started to drink mammal’s milk 11,000 years ago. Nowadays, cow, goat and sheep milks account for about 87% of the world milk production.
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The assessment of skin fibrosis is vital for the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment in the systemic sclerosis (SSc)—a severe autoimmune disease.
Chronic fatigue syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome and silicone implant incompatibility syndrome are a subject of debate among clinicians and researchers.
With increasing age, the immune system undergoes a remodeling process, termed immunosenescence, which is accompanied by considerable shifts in leukocyte subpopulations and a decline in various immune cell functions
T-cell specific upregulation of Sema4A as risk factor for autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis
Autoimmunity is considered the most likely cause of human narcolepsy cataplexy,but no speci¢cautoantibodiesor antigen(s) have yet been identiced.
To report the clinical course and identification of rodenticide in a patient who smoked synthetic cannabinoids and developed coagulopathy, correlated with the identification of rodenticides in synthetic cannabinoid drug samples provided by the patient.
Giant-cell arteritis (GCA) is the most frequent form of vasculitis in patients over the age of 50. Large- and medium-sized vessels are mainly affected, especially the cranial branches of the external carotid. The aorta and its branches are also involved in 30 to 60% of patients.
Unprecedented successes regarding cancer immunotherapy have been achieved, in which therapeutic agents are used to targeting immune cells rather than cancer cells.